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December 23, 2009


Aditya Saxena

I think the first part of the issue was kind of your mistake but further reading suggests that City Link is highly untrustworthy and I think you've done the right thing by opting out of Amazon. No one is here to stay forever and I think Amazon is going to realize this soon :) although I have no hard feelings against those guys.


wow. too bad that such a big company doesn't realize that loyalty and customer satisfaction will ALWAYS outweigh the immediate and short term advantage of watching the bottom line. This is a major contributing factor to why I don't believe in the government bailouts (what is happening over here in USA) for all these big corporations that suck. The can't run a business or maintain a successful business because they get too greedy then I think they should go under a be alesson to all other businesses around. Treat people like a number and you will go bankrupt. Period. No help, no bailout, no second chances....tough noogies.

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