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May 17, 2008


Mike B. Fisher

Chris, I'm curious to know if you plan to review this and/or other UX books. Seems like there are plenty of books on UX topics these days but precious few reviews other than those found on Amazon or printed on the book covers themselves.

Firstly, Chris: THANKS! I'm pretty touched that you'd invest so much time in this. Can I send you a couple free books to thank you?

I like the idea of a site map, although it's the first time it's come up. Will definitely consider it, and you've created a great model if nothing else.

We absolutely need to make it easier to find one's account. And, as you've noted before, make the "pending shipment" problem go away. (All of our orders ship within 24 hours--business days of course--but our system isn't smart enough to know that.) We're working on that one tonight.

Not sure I'd agree about the Publications page layout, but will definitely take another look. And we call it Publications because we won't always be publishing books only. More on this later in 2008... ;-)

Thanks again!

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