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February 05, 2008


Account Deleted

Nice Post !!! I really like


While half-hearted (possibly quarter hearted in fact), the intention does bring a smile to my face. While Google has not in any way been consistant, it's good to see you acknowledge the fact that they tried. I can't think of many other big companies who would make even a quarter hearted gesture.

Sadly, I think inevitably all British kids will in 2 generations be adopting the terms used by Americans. It seems not enough people care and that they see it as the evolution of the language.

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You notice that! Im kinda confused in many times, Me my self, i dont notice that. And it seems not a problem to me.


The biggest problem is that when you want to search for emails in your "Bin", you still have to type "in:trash" as "in:bin" does not work. I've asked them on numerous occasions to change "Bin" back to "Trash" or make the "in:bin" search modifier work, but to no avail.

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Interesting post. I agree with you on the consistency part. Indeed if Google wants to offer a personalized UK experience, they can't sit back by merely changing "Trash" to "Bin".

Matt Katz

Hey, I thought it was great that they made the change. They could make another change. I wouldn't get histrionic about it though.

For a similar example, try going to del.icio.us in firefox and in IE: http://www.morelightmorelight.com/2008/06/12/its-all-details/

bloody awesome. i can't stand bloody 'trash cans'. its about time someone got it right.


Sounds like you're actually seeing "new Gmail" when you set to English (US); and seeing the "old version" when set to UK.




I find that my address book options are also significantly different when I set my default language to English (US) (as opposed to English (UK))

Kevin Jessop

Great eye! But you have a point...if Google are going to change things up like that, then they need to be consistent.

By the way, you have a really great blog here. I'll be back!

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