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November 05, 2006


Larry Tesler

Although the axes are basically the same, Javier's four quadrants correspond roughly to the two quadrants in the left half of Bill's diagram.

Of the twelve discpline names that each of them includes, only two appear in both of their diagrams: "Interaction Design", a term that Bill is generally acknowledge as coining, and "H.C.I.". One or two other terms have similar meanings.

Javier seems to have published his diagram in early 2004, by which time Bill had completed most of his book.

Ale Muñoz

And the link for the UX Cosmos is http://www.terremoto.net/uxcosmos/


You gotta love that stuff :)


Sorry, I forgot the link to the User Experience Cosmos: http://www.steptwo.com.au/columntwo/archives/001078.html


The diagram reminds me A LOT of the User Experience Cosmos, by Javier Cañada. Moggridge should have metioned it.

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