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March 14, 2006


Rob Reed

I'll add my stupid, uninformed post: The cut of the 22 digits of Pi appears to me to be an editing of the song, where a section was cut out, because at the point Pi is "sliced" there is a discontinuity in rhythm. There's a "3 against 2" rhythm going most of the time and then suddenly it drops one of the triplet eighths, I think. Anyway, it's not a clean joining, and if you were moving along with the rhythm you'd be off by an eighth, at least, if you didn't know it was coming. So, I'm guessing she sang 150 digits, but 22 were cut out with the rest of the music.

Maybe this was mentioned before.


Really "American Pi Day" has a nicer ring to it.


So, is May 1st the common Pi Day, or is it January 3rd, at 4:15 pm (3/1, 4:15)? I hadn't heard about the May date before.

Although the Pi Day many observe today is based on the U.S. date form, here is a fun article on How To Celebrate Pi Day. Also, get a pi t-shirt to sport around for the occassion.


Alternately, those who use the date/month system could celebrate Pi Approximation Day on the 22nd of July...

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