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December 05, 2005



Ooooh! This article is THAT old ? now i understand why coprnerstown problem is hard using of BACK button.

Now, when even Microsoft had grown to get the idea of tabbed browsing, BACK button has almost no sense. I use it 2-3 times per week, if not less.

2web-master: and "xmpp:arioch@jabber.ru" is NOT "Invalid URL"


Is that MSIE 5 on the screenshots?


At the bottom of the page on http://www.usabilityviews.com/ajaxsucks.html it says it's a spoof article

Walter Stryder

From the above link (ajaxian.com):
"Between page refreshes, states usually aren't important enough to warrant a unique URL anyway."
This is exactly what I thought. Who'd want to bookmark a half-filled form? As far as I understand, Ajax is primarily used for that sort of thing... If you use Ajax for site navigation, then you're surely doomed, but for enhanced form filling there should be no problem. Since URL-incompatibility is the only fundamental problem Nielsen focuses on, I think there just might be room for Ajax in the future.


Hey, those screenshots look remarkably similar to IE.
Surely you don't seriously use IE as your main browser... do you?
Perhaps there really is nothing under the hood...

Chris Griego

Where did you get the figure for "Ajax Compatible Browsers: 78%"? My own research let me to believe the number was really more like 98%, not accounting for users who had disabled ActiveX in IE or Javascript in other browsers.


Hehe ..


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