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July 16, 2005


jst looked over the comments n uz hav all left out the fact of harrys huuugue crush on cho chang...n the fact tht he goes out with rons wee sis at one point....duh!!!!
OMG lol


Yeah it really is unoriginal isn't it?

I mean, theres been a lot of witch school and bording school shows/books out before it. Worst Witch, Sabrina, ect...

I mean, its more important to try to become more intelligent than to expand you imagination, but still, If you think HP is the least bit creative or original, you sure havn't read many books. I feel sorry for you guys cause I've read so much stuff that is waaay better, but I bet a lot of you dont read anything else.

And geez, theres like a wiccan, witchcraft, whatever fad religion goin' on now. Haha! Its not funny though, its sad. Hp might even be helping the coming of the evil one world religion in the new world order. This is horrible. You guys probably think the same way and everything because your're all so obsessed. You're like zombies.


i think in harry potter and the chamber of secrets, i definately saw some bj action with harry and some other guy. it was delicious. i thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiink.


NO WAy!!! I supposed you were not able to see yhe books yet. Read it and you'll know the real theme of the HArry Potter Series are LOVE, FRIENDSHIP, LOyalty, Bravery and THE CONSTANT FIGHT BETWEEN GOOD AND EVIL AND THAT GOOD ALWAYS WINS!!!

haha those retards stickling up for him they sound so stupid lol i actually saw an eddited clip where harry ses "i didnt put it in" then ron rolls over looking upset obviouly harry tried to bum ron and ron sed "piss off" well good

That true by just looking you can tell harry potter is gay. nothing is wrong with that its love and trust between boys makes them gays , Like Harry and Ron.

OMG! You sad, sad freak. You've never even read a Harry Potter book and you make a webpage about how muh you hate it! I love Harry Potter because it has a lot of hidden meanings that you are just to dumb to see. Also, its bloody amazing! Don't start a tacky page about how much you haven't even read it!

harry potter is gay lol


this is the p(r)oof

Harry Potter is full of shit, stupid book, terrible movie.

It's a geek's way to escape from reality to compensate for their lack of life and hatred for humanity for not accepting them.


Personally i think your all nuts, just because you guys seem to have your own opinion about someone, does not make them in any sense "gay".
Just cause someone make look the part does not mean he is gay. Let me ask you this, have you asked "harry potter" yourself......hmm???...
...NO....well then stop going by what everyone else thinks and start thinking for yourself...
...and if you still think hes "gay" then that's your opinion, but it DOESN'T make it so!!!!


Dont be judgemental about harry. Harry is only human what ever he is, we must accept.
Yeah in this world there are so many gays but there are idialistc and some are bitch!
Action speaks louder than words we can read in Hary's eyes what kind of personality he has..

I think that kid is totally gay! His face says everything... plus I have a friend that told me has dex w/ him

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