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April 21, 2005



"Serious Delta". Ohh, can I use that ?


Nice data Chris! How..?

I'm of the opinion that a half-decent aggregator should allow an individual to useful manage several thousand feeds (that certainly doesn't mean they read them all), and the reason I'm there at no.6 is to try different strategies - notes.

Chris McEvoy

Tristan, the first number is the number of subscriptions you have. The next item is the username and the final item is the number of folders you have.

My data set says that you have 307 public subs in 20 folders, not 20 subs.

Tristan Louis

Interesting idea but your data is off... by a large magnitude. I checked and was on the list (TNLNYC with 20 subs) but find the number wrong (bloglines currently tells me I have subs to 331 feeds and 99 feeds with new items)

Thought you might be interested in knowing there's serious delta between the numbers you have and the numbers that are reality. (Maybe we can get other people to post their feed numbers here and figure out how to solve the problem, as this is fascinating data)

Randy Charles Morin

Thanks, very interesting.

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