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August 03, 2004



This from a guy who insists on "dubdubdub"'ing every web site he pronounces?

Louis Rosenfeld

Chris, great questions of truly critical importance.

First one first: we deliberately picked a name of flexible pronounciation so as to enhance the user experience. Now users have at least two options to choose from, and are welcome to invent their own. If UXnet was a donut, it'd be double-glazed.

My preference is for the phonetically ugly "youexnet," which is actually less ugly than the alternative. Thanks Chris, you've just helped put the "you" in UXnet.

Second question: your suggestion and the official spelling are ultimately moot, as Bill Gates and his minions insist on automatically converting either to the quite lame "Uxnet". At some point I'm sure most of us will get tired of "undoing" this automatic change, and Redmond will have won again.

Best wishes with Gabriel, whose middle name should be Edward, Edgar, Egbert, or Englebert; though I'm certain that, either way, he'll truly be a GEM...

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