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July 16, 2004


what the????


Chris is the biggest smell bag in the world. and i think he has rabies.

bob trollop

chris smells like pongy fannys,and maiden gave siddle crabs and she smells like my worty cunt flaps!!!


Well, as I happen to be Chris' mother and live with him, I'd say I have a better opportunity to address this issue. This has been cruel and unkind. I hope someday you each have children and watch them be slandered. Shame on all of you.


chris s. smells like buffalo wings mixed mith tapatio drowned in his dog's throw up. its pretty much the worst thing i've ever smelt in my life. its terrifying. what can be done?
he doesnt even care he smells this way. its sick.
his gf is upset too. :[


im sat next to a chris and he smells real bad. but not as bad as jo on the other side of me!!

yah, Im chris and I think I smell somtimes. But not all of the time. Mabye this is not a black and white isue, but more easily understood by thinkinging of it as grey. You can not state that either I smell or I dont smell. For the fullness of my smelliness is directly dependant on my general location and range of activity. Therfore this issue can not be determined, and those that say I smell, as well as those who say I do not, are neither corect or in corect...almost like Schrodinger's Cat...but then not really


Yes chris does smell reeeeaaallly bad!

moosy moose jr

*smels air* i smell moose!, and it smells good! =D


I SMELL BAAAD..../cry *MossyMoose Dies* dam bug!

Why dusnt n e 1 tlk bout moose? or moss? or mossy mooses? or meeses? or whatever you call plural moose...


i stink

i stink its true,
you wish you could stink ike me, dont you?
i smell like a stink poo-poo
whats that you say?, who-who?
just me, not you,
like a smelly poo-poo

i stinkkkkkk, its trueeee!


inspired by ashley, alex, and laura - in business


Well i dont smell and my name is Chris and i also have Ginger hair! so that makes ne a non smell ginger chris!


yo tis me again i wud lyk to change my last comment to chris smells lyk a shitey shite pooey mingehole..................lined wiv poo! and thrush!........and turd! ......... and herpes.

love you xxxxxxxxx


ime sittin nxt to chris hu put the last comment in! he duz smell but its aftashave so its nice:P


Chris does NOT smell

i love chris even though he smells allot the same of his dioreah splattrr up his own back.


Chris totally smells. He's sitting right next to me & even though I'm anosmic, I'm still catching the whiff. Eeh.


Yep... Chris does smell....


i'm sat next to sum goon called chris, and he really really does smell. imagine blending cabbage, fluffy cheese, eggs and rotten banana's together. ye still no where near close to his stench. i was wondering if there is a nice way to tell someone their smell revolts you. and if there is anything you could do to de-funk their smell



My boyfriends called Chris.. he smells of poo and other smelly stuff.. cos he's smelly and smelly people smell


i have just discovered i have crabs! its making my fanny itch really badly and also i think i smell down there too! can you giveme some advice on this?


I'm sitting next to Chris right now and he really smells ;o


Chris DOES smell!
And he has ginger hair...
but that doenst make him any less smelly!


My brother Chris really smells!
He smells like rotten arse. It's even worse when he farts ... imagine rotten eggs gone bad!

sophie & thomas


chris lestre

i ate jean-luke picard's bumhole out, i love him, i just wanna be inside him all the time, i wanna feltch him!!!!

jack stelling

chris eats bumhole

John Ramsey

i ate chris lesters lesterprise for ma breakfast in a bun :D


I concur.


Chris does smell


is he fit


Chris lester is a harden star trek fan and loves wearing spoks old dirty costumes

chris lester

chris smells like a captains log, (with corn in it)


My boyfriend is called Chris and he is a smelly smelly poo!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I know a guy called Chris and he smells horrible, like bacon cooked in pee! He makes me sick!


I'm stood next to Chris, he smells of poo! It's horrible and he says I'm rude?!?!? I don't smell!!!


my name is chris, but my gf smells more thn no i dnt he stinks actuaklly no she smells ubeer lots

was asking if ma fella smelt-just 4 a laugh. and this came up, cant belive it lol!!!!!!!!!


my name is chris and i dont smell. u all smell like rotten cheese. Maisie smells!

he does smell so bad i forgot what a nice smell is

jonny jo jo

Maisie says you smell, can you put me jonjo on this page, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bye!!!!

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