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June 11, 2004


Chris McEvoy

I got the Sniper Award for June 2004.

Chris McEvoy


Just hours after posting this item I read an article on economist.com: Return of the homebrew coder

Another homebrew coder is Nick Bradbury, who lives in Franklin, Tennessee. He wrote one of the first web-publishing tools, called HomeSite, and sold it to Allaire, which is now part of Macromedia. Then he started Bradbury Software, which sells a web-page editor called TopStyle and a news-reading program called FeedDemon. Self-employment, he notes, has more than just financial benefits. “I put in more hours, but those hours are very flexible, which in my case means I can spend a great deal of time with my two kids,” he says. And he finds it very rewarding to know that his software is making people's lives a little easier—“something I rarely, if ever, experienced while working in the corporate world.”

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