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March 23, 2004


Ian Lloyd

Just. Could. Not. Do. It.

When I look back at the amount we wrote/captured during a year out, I know that spending the time and effort with all the photos, videos and blogging was worth it. For short city breaks, I'm less keen to spend time documenting, though, it has to be said


Amen to all of the points listed! :) I think the only one I've not already weened myself off completely is the no cameras rule, although I have made a conscious effort to take far fewer photos and just remember the feelings, sights and sounds instead. You're not really enjoying an astoundingly beautiful scene if you're looking at it through a lens and worrying about getting too much sky or obeying the rule of three (or whatever that thing is). Just put the camera away, and fill the time you regain with a smile on your face.


I didn't realize pastries could talk.

Chris McEvoy

Dogme is danish for Dogma.


For American viewers: I think he means 'dogma.' It must be British slang, as the word isn't in my Oxford English Dictionary.

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