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March 03, 2004



hey, I think Gabriel is a brill name but if you had a little girl would you call him Maisey, I called my little girl that!


hi chris , heather and gab, hope gabs is ok!

Gabriel McEvoy

Hey Piccadilly McSquiggles whats wrong with being called Gabriel McEvoy??

John S. Rhodes


bruce lawson

Congrats Mac!
If you wanna get some practice in by babysitting my 2 kids, just drop me a line. Preferably on friday and saturday nights.

Piccadilly McSquiggles

What is Teoma a boy's name? Because The Baby Zone says so.

You're traveling through another dimension -- a dimension not only of pee and green poop, but of crying. A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of your sleep-deprived delusions. That's a signpost up ahead: your next stop: the Baby Zone!


Hmmm... Gabriel McEvoy...

[repeats that to himself a few times]

How about Alex?
Or for a girl, Helen?

Chris McEvoy

Teoma means "expert" in Gaelic. Why is that a boys name?

Piccadilly McSquiggles

Why throw this offer to the uncaring masses? Every yahoo from across alltheweb would get excited on ebay, and next thing you know, you have a googol of offers to name the child 'Aol,' or 'Jeeves,' or maybe some strange foreign name with no vowels, such as 'Msn.' Looksmart and be a wisenut. Keep it local. Keep it personal.

If it's a boy, Teoma. If it's a girl, Hotbot. (A girl needs to feel sexy.)

Chris McEvoy

Hmmmmmm, myabe I should set up an auction on e-bay?

Piccadilly McSquiggles

What's your price for naming rights for the middle name?

Piccadilly McSquiggles

If it's a boy, I vote you name him Optimus Prime. If it's a girl, I vote you name her Optimus Prime.

Piccadilly McSquiggles

Do the democratic thing. Let us vote on the best name.

Piccadilly McSquiggles

I wouldn't trust that hospital. Their computers are using a single digit format for the year. I guess you're OK because the baby will be out before 2010, but come on!

And, what, a monochrome display? They can borrow my old CGA monitor. If you haven't seen your baby in four colors, you haven't seen your baby.


I also notice that baby is only running at 16hz ? Is this an 80's baby???? Upgrade soon, methinks.

Chris McEvoy

But is your baby as technical as ours?

Piccadilly McSquiggles

Ol' Piccadilly McSquiggles is having a baby too, this summer. My baby is cuter than your baby.

She can already stick her tongue out and kick her mommy's bladder. My baby can beat up your baby.

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