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January 04, 2004



YA FRIENDS!!!,,,,that is an AMAZING diagram

Piccadilly McSquiggles

"As God as my witness, I thought eagles could fly in space." -George Arthur Carlson Bush

Chris McEvoy

I have just had a visit from the FBI, who have accused me of leaking the space plans of George Bush.

Chris McEvoy

Don't you just love picking the glue off your fingers.


You're making me think I should post the directions to the Pan Am Orion shuttle model from "2001" I hooked off of eBay when it arrives in a few days! Aw yeah!

Chris McEvoy

Did you never watch The Rules of Luton?

Piccadilly McSquiggles

I don't remember seeing any wildlife in Space 1999.

Piccadilly McSquiggles

Well, of course reading the instructions doesn't aid the assembly process. It's all diagrams, very little verbiage.

Chris McEvoy

Piccadilly, I didn't want to spoil your questions by providing inelegant responses, but here goes.

Here are some more badly scanned assembly instructions.

From me painful memories of model construction I can confirm that being able to read the instructions does not aid the assembly process.

Piccadilly McSquiggles

I get the feeling my questions are being received as rhetorical. They're not. If I'm asking a rhetorical question, you'll know it because it will begin with the phrase "Hey dumbass," and end with "in that pea-sized brain of yours?" Until that sweet parting moment, please do consider responding. Thank you.

Matthew Oliphant

I have one of these as a die-cast toy. Still has the decals on it even, though they are a little faded. With mine though the main body is green, not white as it looks in the picture above.

Piccadilly McSquiggles

Did you draw and/or scan those schematics yourself, or would you care to post a link to the high resolution originals so I can make my own Eagle Transporter?

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