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December 30, 2003


Amazon UK Hater!

If you truely hate them - try email their actucall email address to voice your disgust:

escalation-callback@amazon.co.uk or uk-cs-concessions@amazon.co.uk or resolution-uk@amazon.co.uk or euro-cs-cr@amazon.com

These actually go to managers!

Or you could sign them up for spam!


Amazon Hater!!

richard egerton

On a more prosaic level, I have bought a number of books and classical muscic CDs from classicmultimedia.co.uk. They ship from stock and undercut Amazon on delivery (except for the 'free' delivery option - which often is unavailable for mystical reasons and not divulged until you are in the bowels of the ssl).

All Classic's goods are sent in sealed bags and the company exudes quality in these sorry times, when often it is often found sadly lacking.

Piccadilly McSquiggles

Your words express scorn Macdaddy, but your eyes speak a different story. You will be back. Oh yes, you will be back.

Chris McEvoy

Piccalilli, I am now making a concious effort to look at other providers for my online purchases and have just bought a niew hard-drive from overclockers.co.uk

I don't care if Amazon think they have treated me fairly, they have lost some income and they should care about that.

Piccadilly McSquiggles

I doubt it will change user opinion or behavior. Corporations do so many lousy, unethical, evil things far worse than a pricing and scheduling snafu that we simply shrug and accept it. I could write a laundry list of things I hate about Amazon, not related to usability, and yet I still shop there.

McEvoy, when you saw how 'ucked up the situation was, did you still buy from Amazon? Will you buy from Amazon in the future? I bet you will buy, and just be more cautious to avoid this 'quirk.'

Mark Round

I was surprised and disappointed by this brief report on Amazon's preordering service (my particular mental model was apparently the same as yours). Regardless of how "fair" their practice might be, you've got to wonder why they didn't see the risk that this situation might lead to confusion, and therefore to a possible erosion of user trust. I can't think what could be more important to an on-line shop than that.

Piccadilly McSquiggles

> I want Amazon to sell my books at the lowest possible price

*Choo!* *Choo!* I hear the clue train coming!

If I buy my Sponge Bob denim jeans at a mall store on Wednesday, and the store puts the jeans on sale the next Saturday, that's my own damn loss. The purpose of the discount is not to give me the "lowest possible price." The purpose is to attract customers to the store and/or cull purchases that might otherwise be made at a competitor's store.

If the salesperson is extra nice, I might be hinted to wait and make my purchase on Saturday, or be allowed to return the jeans on Saturday for the discount. The store is under no obligation to ensure they get the least amount of money from their customers as possible.

People all around me are getting better deals. Some have coupons. Some have membership discounts. Some buy during discount sales. Some get discounts for being over 65 or under 5 years old. Some buy mis-priced products. Is it luck, ignorance, or divine plan?

From each according to his ability, to each according to his need. And give not that which is holy to dogs; nor cast your pearls before swine. For with such gifts you mock them; and they also shall mock your gift, and in their hate would fain destroy you.

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