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December 19, 2003



I don't think he looks like Russell at all.

Piccadilly McSquiggles

McEvoy, are you experiencing hot flashes?

Chris McEvoy

I think that this particular image was used to appeal to middle-aged women (other than myself).

Piccadilly McSquiggles

Help me out here. Aragorn doesn't wear an eye patch. Aragorn's hair is chestnut, not mahogany. And Aragorn's style is "disheveled," not "dangerously sexy."

You've applied your secret, childhood idolization of Kurt's metrosexual savoir-faire onto Aragorn, bringing your buried feelings a little too close to the surface for comfort. I hope you're not married. Please, stay together for the kids' sake, at least until they're in high school and can comprehend daddy's new worldview.

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