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November 27, 2003


Geoff Sauer

Thanks for your comments. As the director of the EServer TC Library, I'm consistently amazed at how badly usability professionals--who offer advice to web designers--are themselves with fixable issues such as link rot. (Of course, because our site's been around since the days of the Gopher, we've seen a lot of links come and go.) But nothing I've ever written to organizations such as UPA seems to have helped. More power to you for saying what you do, so articulately.

We've fixed all the links to the UPA and UPA Voice we could, and simply deleted a dozen or so, when we couldn't find the new URL addresses of some resources from the old UPA site.

--Geoff, sighing


I am continuously amazed by how often you see such tings on sites that are about usability and the like. How can we expect others to follow usability advice when it is not adhered to by our own. I can understand why the url's were changed but surely the old addresses could have simply been left in place with a simple non-obtrusive redirect?
Interesting to see if they heed your comments - but it sounds like it will be too late by then as you will have done the hard work already.
Shame on them is all I can say - off to see if I can find any more problems on the site...
! tanks for all your efforts !

Matthew Oliphant

We've got a couple of link on the User Experience part of the site that are still broken, too. Have you let the Voice people know about your post? upavoice_fb [at] bunnyfoot [dot] com.

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