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October 28, 2003



Sorry for the interuption in an area that I'm not familliar with:-
How about a "time" projector that generates a display of 8 random letters onto the ceiling every minute at night so that you can play scrabble/"countdown" until yoou get bored and fall asleep.

I'm new to computers and internet and have no email address and am unsure of etequitte

Piccadilly McSquiggles

Who would want an alarm clock to project its image onto the ceiling? Me, and millions of other people. It is a well known scientific fact that 87% of the alarm clock using population on this globe has a variety of clutter on their dressers and night stands which inadvertantly obscure alarm clock displays. Approximately 5% of this population cleans their bedroom once a week. That leaves 117% of the population unable to use their alarm clocks for their intended purpose. The solution to save us, of course, is to project the time onto the ceiling because 189% of the world's population does not yet use the ceiling as a storage space.

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