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August 28, 2004


Bob One More Time

This commentary about Gmail deserves its own post.


Bob Again

Bwahahaha. I finally received a GMAIL invite. It's all hype! The interface sucks. It's not even superficially attractive. No body and no brains, just big clothes with room to grow. It's a great service if you plan to over-eat.

Oh, and it took me 15 tries until I found a username that wasn't already taken. That's the only novelty I could have hoped for, a decent username, if I'd gotten an invite sooner. Oh well. Enjoy your Gmail. I'm sticking with my Yahoo account for web use and my own domain for personal and business contacts.


Google search results are too often muddled with gateway links and other inappropriate pages designed to achieve a high Google rank. I find myself using alternate engines more and more. When I complain to Google, they give the stock response about reading and responding to most messages, but I rarely see a response, and even then, it's a canned response.

I never use Google for image searches anymore. Devil Finder is my new buddy.


Google hardly ever answer emails these days, probably they are sitting designing new logo's instead of concentrating on improving the search or support.


Does this divorce signal a removal of Google Ad's from your sites? Surely you haven't sold out to a fascist fat righty?

And (God help us all), does this signal a kindling in your eBay romance, chrisfenton876???

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